Saturday, January 8, 2011

Anders' First Plane Ride

When Anders was 28 days old I took him to Indianapolis to meet his Grandma and Grandpa Fiene.  I took this trip when Gus was about this old too and found it to be very relaxing.  The older kids stayed at home with Hans and Anders and I got to bond, sleep and visit with my in-laws.

Anders was perfect on the flight.  He slept the whole way.  The flight back to Denver was packed and the guy sitting next to me was nervous to be sitting next to someone with a baby.  At the end of the flight he apologized for thinking that this was going to be a horrible flight.  I think at this age it is easy to fly with kids.  It's when they get to be about 18 months when flying it out of the question for me.

Our trip was wonderful.  I got to visit with my in-laws, Anders got to be held, a lot, and we went to see my brother in-law's new apartment.  My mother in-law even drove with me to Channahon, IL to look at houses with me.  It was nice to have someone else's opinion.  We had a wonderful time and for as long as I have babies (no, I'm not pregnant or even thinking about it) I'll make this trip...just me and my baby.

Because of the horrific price airlines charge to check luggage I traveled with carry-ons.  This meant that unfortunately the camera and all of its accompanying equipment didn't make the cut.  Thanks, Solveig, for sending me these pictures.

 Grandma and Anders

Grandpa and Anders

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