Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

This is how far behind I am.  It's Epiphany and I'm posting about John's Thanksgiving Feast.  The feast was his second to last day at school so Hans went to take some pictures of John and his friends.  His teacher sent a note home the week before that the kids had voted on what to have for their feast.  I guess Miss Joyce had tried to do the traditional meal several years in a row and the kids never ate.  So the kids chose chicken nuggets, cheese cubes, fruit and, if they had to have a vegetable, corn.  I love the fact that they tried not to pick a vegetable.

 John learned how to raise his hand and keep quiet!  Hans had to grab a picture of this.  This took a lot of reminding John and patience on his teacher's part.

 The feast.

 John had been the start student the week before.  John loved being the star student.

Miss Joyce and John on John's last day of school.

We will miss Miss Joyce and Miss Melodie.  They were very loving and patient with my loud and eager boy.  John has asked several times when he is going to go back to school.  He misses his friends and teachers.

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