Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Tales of John

John is getting a little more bold in his statements of displeasure.  John is a smart boy, but he just can't seem to control his emotions when he is frustrated or angry.  We are constantly working on  patience...this is such a hard lesson to learn.  The other day he was very displeased with his father for something.  I'm actually surprised he didn't bring back the "Daddy, are you stupid?".  Instead he decided to mix it up and picked up his shoe, reared back and said "I'm gonna throw this shoe at you!"  He immediately saw the error of his ways.

Since the door to John's room does not close, I put a piece of blue painters tape across the threshold.  John was told that he was not to cross the blue line while he was in timeout.  This worked for about a week then, one day, John came out of his room holding the blue piece of tape and said, "If it isn't there I don't have to stay behind it." All I can say is, what a punk!

Things that John often screams when sent to his room:
  • "You come back and get me out of here right now."
  • "I'm never going to listen to you again.  Ever, ever.  Do you hear me?"
  • "Big boys don't like being sent to their rooms." 
We are also working with John on what is a question and what is a statement.  Many times he will be trying to tell/ask us something when we are trying to do something else.  Or, he asked something and heard your answer, but doesn't like it.  This is always followed by, "But, but, but Mommy (or Daddy) I'm just trying to ask you a question!".  So, we ask him what his question is and response is usually, "I'm  hungry" or "I'm thirsty" or "I want to watch my shows."  At which point we will tell him that is not a question, but a statement, and then we give him an example of a question.  Today he was supposedly really, really hungry and I told him over and over again that we would eat as soon as his dad came home.  "But, but, but Mommy, I'm just trying to ask you a question."  In a moment of frustration I told him that I knew what his question was and that the answer was that he could eat when his dad came home.  He glares at me and yells, "That's not a question, that is a statement.  And I don't like your statement."


The Witherspoon Family said...

I love it! I always get excited when I see that there's a new Tale of John. :) I'm just so glad that it's you and not me who is having to deal with that. Of course, I probably won't be able to say the same in a year.

The Simpsons said...

So funny!! He is going to love reading all these when he is older!