Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Aside from giving the boys a buzz cut, I know nothing about cutting hair.  And it isn't like I have non-wiggly boys to practice on.  I tried cutting Hans' hair once in Fort Wayne.  The goal was to buzz the bottom and cut the top with scissors.  It was going pretty well until Hans told me that it still looked a little bushy on the sides, which I agreed with.  Since the cut had gone pretty well so far I decided to try a technique I had seen hairstylists use.  Boy, was that a mistake...I got too cocky.  The technique I am referring to is when the hairstylist takes a comb, combs up the hair and then takes the clippers, at the lowest level, and swipes it across the comb.  The goal is to cut just a little bit of hair.  This is not what happened.  I think I held the comb too close to his head and pushed a little too hard with the clippers.  When I had finished Hans looked like he was losing his hair because there were several little bald spots all over his head.  I cried and cried.  I felt so bad.  Hans had no choice but to use the clippers, at the lowest level, all over his head.  I think it was the shortest his hair had ever been.  He was so good about it and didn't even tell people it was my fault.  But, it left me saying I would NEVER cut hair again.

Time goes by and, after spending a ridiculous amount of money on haircuts for a kid whose hair seems to grow a half an inch a day, I decided to try again.  This time I could blame the owner of the head for the horrible mistakes I made since John was no where near still.  The first few times I cut John's hair it came out horribly, but John looks cute with a buzz cut so it didn't really matter.  Just the other day I succeed in trimming John's hair with scissors, a comb and my fingers.  It isn't perfect, but acceptable.

My success brought me to my next subject.
Gus has needed a haircut since the day he was born.  John has been asking me for months why August can have hair over his ears.  Having hair over your ears is a sure sign you need a haircut.  August's hair was way over his ears, starting to get in his eyes and went a little too far down his neck.  This boy didn't even  remotely stay still.  My goal was to trim the front, the back of the neck and over the ears, forget going through everything else.  John helped out quite a bit.  He kept trying to get Gus' attention focused on something long enough for me to take a few snips and when Gus would start fussing and batting at my hands John said, "It's OK Gus, just let her do it.  You'll learn you can't have hair over your ears."

When the whole ordeal was over, Gus enjoyed looking at himself in the mirror and brushing his hair.
I know it doesn't look a whole lot different, but we have to take baby steps.

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The Simpsons said...

Great job, Mama!!! I guess I will have my turn once Jaden gets a little older. I've cut Emma's bangs but that is as far as I will go with the girls. :)