Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun Filled Days

We have pretty much been homebodies for the last couple of weeks.  I really haven't felt like socializing for some reason, but we were also potty training so that's been my excuse.  Here are some pictures from the last week or so.  This gives you a tiny glimpse of what my day is like.

For the most part John is always like this...

and Gus is either like this...

or this...
It only takes a split second to go from happy to very upset.

John probably thought last week was the best week ever since he got lots of treats and some new toys as rewards for going potty.  When he was fully trained he got to make ice cream with Daddy.

We've been trying to give Gus different baby foods to see if anything sparks his interest.  While Gus seems uninterested, John is very interested.

Gus seems to feel as though his personal space is being violated.

This next group of pictures will only fully be understood if you realize they were taken seconds apart from each other.   Hans and I have decided that Gus will get a pass the first few times he hits John.


Now, try picturing yourself handling situations like this about 100 times a day!  John just loves his brother too much and Gus laughs through most of it until he gets hurt and then cries.  I now know why my mom and dad always yelled at my brother and me when we were laughing too hard...someone always gets hurt.

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