Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Visit from Grandma

Solveig came to see us this past weekend and we all had a wonderful time. On Saturday we drove to Idaho Springs and ate at Beau Jo's which serves mountain pizza.  In order to keep John entertained while waiting for our pizza, we all put Thomas stickers on our foreheads.

Gus even decided to participate.


For John's birthday Grandma and Grandpa Fiene sent four Disney movies.  John just loves Peter Pan, so he sat and watched it with Grandma.

Gus enjoyed playing with his new toy during the movie.


Solveig bought John a soccer ball and a cool guitar. Now John just needs some soccer lessons from Uncle Christian.

Grandma read lots of books...when John would sit still

John just loved having so much attention.


Grandma and her boys.

This is John's new thing...we try to make faces so Gus will smile and John decides he needs to make the faces too. I wonder if I'll ever get a great picture of the two of them again.

Another perfect example of John's new camera face...Gus is not impressed.
 The weekend was just great and ended too soon.  Solveig and I even got to go out to dinner on Saturday night while Hans watched the boys.  Thank you for visiting us Grandma!

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