Friday, June 12, 2009

Trip to Texas- Part 2 The Zoo

While we were in Texas we went to the zoo. John loves going to the zoo and he talks about it all the time. The zoo is exhausting for the adults because John does not stay at one exhibit too long. We could find a zoo at every stop this summer and John still wouldn't get enough!

It has become tradition that my mom takes him on the merry go round everywhere they find one. Hans and I are so mean because we never take's grandma's job to spoil him.

My mom and dad bought a feeding stick for John in the bird cage thingy (don't you love my termonology?). John was very hesitant at first as you can see in the first couple of pictures.

Then he started to collect some courage...

and by the end my parents were holding on for dear life as he was leaning in, as far as he could, to feed the birds.

John loved the giraffes


Gus seemed to enjoy the zoo too.

These baby lions were born right before our last zoo visit in November

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