Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trip to Texas-Part 1

The little boys and I flew down to Texas for a week to spend time with my friends and family there and give Hans a chance to catch up on some work and much needed sleep.

I have A LOT of pictures so this trip will be divided into several posts. I think it is very important to mention that there are some things I did not get picture of such as my get together with Connie and Katie and their boys. It was a great afternoon filled with stubborn, cute boys. Next time I'll have to remember to take pictures. We also spent a whole day with Kelsey. Getting a picture with Kelsey holding a baby is a rare thing so I'm kicking myself that I did not get my camera out. John was pretty much in his own world the whole time we were with Kelsey, but after she left the house he couldn't stop talking about Kelsey, you were greatly missed.

As always this was a busy, busy week. Enjoy!

This was at the park. It was VERY HOT!!!

Grandma read to John almost every night.

Uncle Mark is taking a rare moment to hold Gus. John monopolized most of Mark's time when he was home from work. Mark played baseball with John everyday after work until bedtime.

Emily came to visit!!! I think she was excited to meet Gus. She held him as much as she could, fed him and even changed his diapers. Emily, when are you moving in?

Can you believe how much Emily has grown? She is so tall now!!

This picture was taken the next morning. I'm sure she was tired since we all slept in the same room. John even tried to crawl in bed with her in the middle of the night.

We also got to see Graysen. Now, for those of you who were at our wedding Graysen was just a tiny baby. He is about a full head taller than John, but John still outweighs Graysen by a few pounds.

These boys just couldn't sit still and smile.

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ABCKegg said...

So fun! Adam asked if I got a picture of Ben and Gus together in the pack & play, and I told him we kind of had our hands full. :) I thought all of the boys behaved very well. Nothing was destroyed and no one got hurt! Can't wait to see you all again. We'll have to plan a trip to Colorado. I've never been, and Adam is dying to ski. :)