Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pregnancy Update

So here I am. I'm big and pregnant and very ready.

My sister in-law and I were just talking the other day about how it is a bit harder to be this pregnant and still have a two year old. It is getting harder and harder to bend down and pick things up, or some days I'm just in constant pain, but overall the pregnancy has been a million times better than the first.

I had a routine doctors appointment today and everything is looking good. I have a sonogram in three weeks to determine the baby's size and, with the information we get from that along with some blood tests, we will determine how early our baby is born. Hopefully sooner than later. I told my doctor if it was safe to take the baby now I'd do it!

We've also scheduled the baptism. We are extremely lucky to have a good amount of family travel here for the baptism, so our little one will brought to Christ on March 29th.

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