Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Three Rivers Fest

Right after we came back from New York it was time for the annual Three Rivers Fest. We decided to amp it up this year and actually decorate our float for the parade.

 Everyone was put to work stapling streamers and blowing up the balloons.

  Our banner was designed by my brother Mark.

 Everybody was festive and having fun.
I love our congregation.

 These two are the best of friends.
I don't know why these two always look so pained in pictures together.

 These two munchkins have become good friends too.  Colton and Anders are actually in the same class at school this year and get along very well.

 Sophie is not as peppy as I am.
This is the look she gives me when I'm being too peppy...or taking too many pictures.

 While we were waiting for the parade to start Logan and Gus spotted a minion.  I'm sure they could tell you which minion this is...but they are all the same to me.

 We really wanted to step up our game this year.  Along with actually decorating our float Hans and some other members passed out ice pops along the parade route.  So Hans pushed this ice cream cart the whole way.  It was a big hit.

 So we had people on the float throwing candy and walkers passing out ice pops and pencils.  I'd say it was pretty successful.

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