Monday, November 23, 2015

Slammers Game

We left New York in enough time to make it to a Slammers game in Joliet.  We got a great deal for the tickets and they were already purchased when I found out that it was Princess Night at the ballpark. Ha!  Since we were meeting Sophie there I went out quickly and bought a tiara and some jewelry for Sophie and the boys to share.  That didn't go over well. With any of them.  I had a good laugh though.

 Gus was ready.  He even had a glove to match his outfit!

 John is always enthusiastic.

 Sophie hates that I take pictures all of the time.  She usually tries to block me as she is now. But look at those eyes...she is enjoying it.

 We did actually watch a little of the game.

These two just love each other.  Sophie really loves Anders because she shared her slushy with him and she is a major germaphobe.

No tiaras, princess dresses, or jewelry were worn...but we all had a great time at the ballpark.

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