Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This year Easter was busier than others.  Hans was talked into having a sunrise service...so it was a long day.  But a great day.

 We got there a little before the sunrise service to help start breakfast.  I asked John to take my purse up to the sanctuary and he was not happy to be caught holding a ladies bag.

 After the first service the Board of Education hosted a breakfast.  These two beauties "helped" serve.

 The boys approved of the hard boiled eggs, sausage, and belgium waffles.

 The big guy wanted to "help" as well.  These three look like they are working hard, don't they?

Debbie and Pam did all of the work.  Leave it to these two to put on a fabulous breakfast.

After the breakfast we had an egg hunt for the kiddos.

It really seems the boys love finding the eggs and don't necessarily care what is inside.  Anders stopped even opening his eggs.  He was content after the first four.

After attending the next service, where the Sunday School kids sang, we went home to change and headed to Debbie and Pam's for Easter dinner.  Of course Debbie and Pam also had another egg hunt for the boys.

 Sophie had no mercy on John and quickly grabbed all the eggs John could see but couldn't reach.  These two fight like brother and sister.  Actually, they all do.

 Then Hans decided it would be fun to try to beat Sophie in a race.  Or maybe it was me that decided it would be fun for him to race her.  Either way, my hubby is awesome and obliged.

 Hans got started a little faster then Sophie.

 He was in the lead for about 3 seconds.  He was feeling good about himself.

Then Sophie just smoked him.
I think Hans pulled a muscle.  

After the race we headed inside for lamb, ham and many wonderful side dishes.
It was a great day!

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