Friday, April 24, 2015

Easter Suits

This year the boys wanted to wear suits.  The last time the boys wore suits was for Anders' baptism.  John's old suit would have fit Gus, but Gus took one look at the brown tone on tone suit and said, "I am NOT wearing that poopy brown suit."  He was adamant.  So I asked Anders if he liked the suit and he thought the poopy suit was cool.

 I attempted to get pictures of the three boys.  It was pointless.

 This was after all of the morning festivities and Gus was just tired of it all.  Can you tell?

 This is my new Easter tradition...a picture with the three boys and Sophie.
Love them!

 Just to make Sophie mad, I will also make taking a picture of the two of us a tradition as well.  She secretly loves it...I know it.

The best of the family pics.
Yep, the little one totally fit in the poopy brown suit.

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