Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pictures with Grandma and Grandpa

John and Solveig were coming back through town again on the day of our dedication service.  They made it a point to stay and attend.  They even sang in the choir.  We were so busy with all of the last minute things that I didn't get a chance to grab pictures until after the service.  Gus and Anders has both fallen asleep  and were, well, out of it.

 Gus is starting to yawn and Anders is dazed and confused.

 And it just keeps getting worse.

 At least Anders notices that someone is trying to take a picture now.  Gus still doesn't care.

And now it is just done.  I believe Gus started crying after this because he wanted to go back to sleep and be left alone. At least the grandparents look good.  Maybe we can just crop the kids out.

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