Friday, September 5, 2014

My Travels Abroad: Wartburg Castle

This day was a long, full day for us. We had 3 fun stops.  Wartburg Castle was our first stop.  
Luther was taken to Wartburg to protect him from death. 

 The bus drove up a large hill and dropped us off to climb a mere 150 steps (steps as in stairs) from the castle.  Nothing like giving your buns a little work-out early in the morning.

 A 3D model of the castle.

 The castle is filled with ornate columns and wall carvings.

 This is a mosaic depiction in the women's dressing room.  
The woman on the left is St. Elizabeth.  St. Elizabeth was sent to Wartburg when she was four.  Even at a young age she was known to be extremely charitable.

 The women's dressing room was very ornate.  The ceiling and walls were covered in rich mosaic tiles.

 While many of the paintings and room in the castle have been restored, this is an original painting that is on the wall in the chapel.

 These paintings depict some of the acts of St. Elisabeth.

 This is the banquet room. 

 Even the ceiling is beautiful.

 This is the Luther Room.  Something tells me it didn't look this clean when Luther was holed up in here, translating the Bible into German.

 The view from the top is beautiful.

 Hans and his mom.

Our day didn't end here.  We still had miles to go.

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