Friday, September 12, 2014

My Travels Abroad: Hainich Tree Top Walk

After our 2 castle tours we made our way to the Hainich Nationalpark for the Canopy Walk.

 There were two rope bridges.  My mother in-law and I went right through.  If I was a better person I would have lost money thinking Hans wouldn't step foot on the bridge.

 Boy was I wrong.  I was pleasantly surprised.

 This is a peek at one of the bridges.

 There was tower in the center of the trees that hosted the highest viewpoint of the park.  At a mere 131 feet high you got to see a lot.  The viewing tower shown here is probably 70 feet high.

So, the center viewing tower's open top floor had a 4.5-5ft wall surrounding the top.  They just wanted to make sure no one was accidentally going to fall.  This did make it a little difficult to see the landscape below.  One of the kids on the trip was clearly not thinking about what was on the other side of the wall and hoisted himself up on the wall to take a peek.  I thought Hans was going to have a heart attack! As Hans says, he is not afraid of heights, but depths.  We were not up there long.

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