Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Broookfield Zoo

We went to the Brookfield zoo on Memorial day.  Don't worry about checking your calendar to insure it is the month you think it is.  It's July and I'm just now writing about the zoo.

We had a wonderful time at the zoo with Debbie, Pam and Sophie.  It was Debbie's birthday and the boys were more than happy to celebrate by going to the zoo.  We were there for a couple of hours and didn't even come close to seeing everything there was to see.  This is what I love about having season passes.  We can stay in one area for as long as the boys want and I don't feel like I'm rushing everyone through to get my monies worth.

I know this photo is hazy and washed out, but I thought it was a good one of Sophie.  The boys just love Sophie and she is very sweet to all the boys.

Anders can't wait to get in on the action.  I won't be able to keep him in his stroller for too much longer.

 This is as far as we got with the face painting.  But they loved their painted noses.

 Gus really wanted to see what his looked like.

Even Anders had his nose done.  The boys were sure to pick the color that matched his pacifier.

-As I write this I realize how long it has been since I've posted.  Anders was a pacifier junkie back then and he won't even touch them now.-

 There was an area where you could dress up as a lemur.  They were wild and crazy lemurs.

See?  Wild and crazy.

 The highlight of the zoo was the stingray exhibit.  John is still talking about this and wants to take each and every person that enters our home to the zoo.  Next time I think we will try to feed the stingrays.

 This is also Sophie's favorite exhibit.  We stayed here for a LONG time.

John has a new fascination with animal cut outs lately.  He wants his picture taken with every one he finds.

We did actually see some animals, I just didn't grab any pictures.  The rest of the time was spent at the playground in the zoo.  It was a wonderful day and we all can't wait to go back.

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