Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Tales of John

While I was researching which Pre-K program to send John to, we did a visit of each center.  I was telling John about school and how one day we would find one and I would drop him off and leave him there with his teacher and then pick him up later in the day.  On our very first visit to a school John thought I was going to leave him and he seemed just fine with that.  He walked right into the classroom, made himself at home and then went up to the director and asked if he could "go check out the playground."  Seriously!?!  The director just smiled and took him outside to check things out.  When I still hadn't left he just looked at me and said, "You told me when I went to school you would leave me here.  Why are you not leaving me here?"  I don't think there will be any problems leaving John anywhere.  This is a long stretch from what he was like when he was 1.  I wonder if my friend Natalie and her husband Dan still have nightmares about the one time they tried to watch him.

John loves going to the store with Hans.  As my brother tells me all the time, we are very inefficient about grocery shopping and end up going to the store almost every day.  I'm sure this will change if we ever live more than 10 minutes from a store.  And, on that note, I wonder how Mark is about grocery shopping now that he has moved out.  How many times a week does he go to the store?  Back to John.  He just loves going to the store...with Hans.  If Hans ever decides to go alone John cries and sulks the whole time Hans is gone.  The other day I decided to go to the store.  I announced that I was leaving and John said, "Wait, wait, where are you going?"  I told him I was going to the store and he said, "Okay, bye, see you later."  I asked him why he always threw a fit to go with his dad, but he didn't ever care about going with me.  To this, my child responded, "I don't know, I just like him.  Do you want me to go with you?"


Maanum's Meandering Musings said...

1. I probably shouldn't laugh at the shopping comment that John made, bit it is funny.

2. We also live about 10 minutes from a grocery store. We started planning a menu for an entire week and only go once, which helps. I'm sure Jen wouldn't mind talking about this further.

(Like how I freely 'volunteer' my wife.)

Katie Fiene said...

I have good weeks and bad weeks with the shopping. It's just a laziness thing. And, both of my sons prefer their dad. I'm used to it by now.