Sunday, October 17, 2010

1st Day of School

John had his first day of school last week and we were all very excited.  He has only gone a few days, but I just love the school and curriculum and am happy with my decision despite having to drive 25 minutes each way.  He loves his teacher and is learning lots of things and having way too much fun.  I knew the first few weeks were going to be hard as he was going to have to learn simple things like standing in line, waiting his turn and raising his hand, but his teacher is very patient and thinks John is just a hoot.  We grabbed a few shot of him on his first day.  While they aren't very good pictures they are totally John.

John was frustrated with me because I took the picture before he got his jacket zipped.  We are both a little impatient.

Hans, always the good dad, is calming John down after the unzipped jacket picture fiasco.

Now we are all zipped and ready for school!

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Heather said...

So cute! What a big boy! Have fun at school, John!