Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Tales of John

One day we were all playing outside, and John really needed to go to the bathroom.  I must say he is really good about telling me just in time.  I think he has only ever had one accident because he has waited too long.  I was getting a little concerned when he seemed to be inside for a long while so I went in to check things out.  When I went into the bathroom, John was just sitting on the toilet with a very concerned look on his face.  I asked if he was OK and he just nodded.  I took one step closer and immediately realized why he had the worried look.  "Is this pee all over my floor?" I asked.  "Ummmm, yes.  Well, I heard the ice cream truck and had to see it.  But when I stood up I just couldn't stop peeing."  So, instead of sitting back down, John just decided to stand at the window in hopes of catching a glimpse of the ice cream truck.

John has been very enthusiastic about singing in church.  He can sing louder than everyone else combined.  The only problem with this is that he can't read and doesn't know a whole lot of the words.  To compensate, John has decided to sing his own songs with various religious words like Jesus Christ, holy, amen and so on.  The other Sunday, Hans chanted 'Bless we the Lord' to which the congregation is supposed to respond 'Thanks be to God'.  Since John didn't know what sing he just sang at the top of his lungs. "Jesus Christ is awesome!"  Hans had to keep himself from laughing out loud while finishing the benediction.

One night, before bed, I told John he would need to clean the family room if he wanted to watch TV the next day.  He immediately told me he was too tired to clean the room and that he would do it later.  I told him that was fine, but he would not watch TV until it was done.  This was over a week ago.  He doesn't ask to watch and hasn't complained.  He is simply a stubborn child.  I wonder how long he will hold out.  I would be fine with this for the rest of my life, but we have vacation coming up in a month and I have to decide if I'm going to let him watch the DVD player in the car if the family room is still a mess.  We also have company coming next week.  But, I will win this battle.  So, if you visit my house, be prepared to see a toy infested family room because I am not lifting a finger.  Where does he think he gets his stubbornness from?

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The Simpsons said...

Too funny! I get so excited to see Tales of John blog posts. They always make me laugh out loud.

Katie, be can win this battle, and you will have a clean family room to show for it! :)