Friday, May 21, 2010

Boys and Dirt

I don't think you can have one with out the other.  My apartment stayed very clean before I got married and then became a lot messier after having John.  Now, my house is just a breeding ground for dirt and other dirt-like particles.  I made the rule awhile ago that food was only to be eaten in the kitchen or dining room.  Surprisingly, even though we have the rule, I am constantly sweeping and vacuuming what looks to be food-like particles and dirt all over the house.  I have come to the realization that boys just can't help it.  In my years of teaching I have come across only two boys who didn't enjoy getting or being dirty.  Not my boys.  My boys constantly play outside in the dirt, find water to make it mud, then proceed to smear the muddy mixture all over themselves.  When it isn't mud they like taking a bucket of dirt and pouring it over each other's head.  I used to look at kids in stores with dirty little faces and say to myself that I would NEVER go out with my kid like that.  Now I understand and feel the other mother's struggle.  I kid you not, I will give the boys a bath Sunday morning, get them ready for church, put them in the car clean and, by the time we make the 5 minute trip to church, they both have messy faces.  How can that be?  Baby wipes are my best friend.

I enjoy having boys, but a nice, clean girl would be nice.  Until then I will continue to live in a house full of messy, fun-loving, LOUD, dramatic, high energy boys.

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Heather said...

So cute! (Not the mess, the boys)! I suppose this is what I have to look forward to with Jaden! :)