Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Children's Museum

While my parents were here we went to the Children's Museum. My brother got us a membership for Christmas and we've been a few times, but I've always forgotten to take pictures. John loves discovering new things every time we go.

This time they had a room set up like an animal clinic. John had a great time using all of the various instruments on his patient.

Now he uses every pair of headphones he finds as a stethoscope. Maybe he will be a nurse or a doctor.

The train room is always a hit. It doesn't matter how many trains this kid has at home, he is always willing to play trains, anytime, anywhere.

Gardening with Grandma

He couldn't wait to have a turn to fish. I can't wait until next summer so he can really fish.

The museum has a special room for kids newborn to 4. Gus had fun in the infant room.

August was Making A Mess month so they had a toddler activity where they painted with spray bottles.

The museum also has a room set up with a dance floor, a wall full of mirrors, costumes and loud music. John loved this room and spent a good deal of time just looking at himself in the mirror.


The Simpsons said...

I LOVE the Denver Children's Museum. Steven had a business seminar in Denver 3 summers ago and while he was in the seminar I took Hannah and Emma. We were there for hours and they had so much fun. Hannah's favorite part was the grocery store and Emma's was the mirror / dress-up room.....she, too, had a blast watching herself dance around to the music..........so much fun!!!!

Fiene family said...

I remember going to a couple Children's Museums when I was little and I always liked the grocery store too. I can't believe they don't have something like this in Dallas.