Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anywhere Will Do

John plays so hard and he doesn't like the idea of taking a nap, but sometimes he can't help falling asleep.

This in the middle of dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Cortez with Great Grandma Fiene

We were trying to keep him awake since it was 5:00.

He slept like this for over two hours.

When my mom bought us the double stroller I don't think she realized she was also buying the greatest present a boy could have....a big box! We cut a door in the side and he plays, and sleeps, here for hours.

He had just asked me for a peanut butter sandwich and in the time it took me to log off of my email he fell asleep under the computer desk. On a side note...thanks to Grandpa Huebel for showing him how to crumple and throw paper. All of those little pieces of paper were being saved for when we Skype again.


The Simpsons said...

I think that is the best blog post ever!!! Those pictures are priceless. I especially love the one of him sleeping under the chair....that couldn't have been very comfortable. :)

Fiene family said...

Thanks. It is amazing how kids can manage to sleep in awkward positions.