Friday, April 3, 2009

Random pics of John

I thought I would share a few pictures of John from the last couple of weeks.

He is always happy watching Thomas and Friends.

Deeply involved in the Thomas movie with Aunt Diane (Diant)

Putting a Thomas floor puzzle together...see a theme here?

His favorite guessed it, Thomas trains

Playing in the sprinklers

This is what I looked like the day I finally went into the hospital. I feel a bit better about myself knowing that a rather large baby was in there.

John told me one day that he needed to go upstairs and wash his hands. I didn't hear from him after a few minutes so I called up to Hans to see if everything was OK. When he told me that John never came upstairs we started looking for him and this is how we found him.

This was after we worked in the yard for 5 hours. He was so tired, he slept like this for about an hour and a half.


connie&adam+1 said...

I think you looked better the day you went to the hospital than I do now with at least 10 days to go! You are too cute. :) John will have to educate me about Thomas. I only know The Wiggles!

The Simpsons said...

These pictures are adorable. I especially love the sleeping on the stairs pictures. Too cute!! Oh, and love your new blog title!!

Fiene family said...

Connie, the Wiggles are also good to know. We have a few DVDs and the earlier ones really get you moving. I'm going to start watching them with John in the morning and doing a work-out.
Heather, thanks! My mom and Hans had many suggestions for the blog title it was so hard to choose.