Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Making Cookies

Three blogs in one day is more than enough for me, so this will be my last one until after Christmas.

Last week, I got together with my friends Jan and Linda and their kids and we made cookies. The kids started by decorating cookies we had made the day before. There were 13 kids in all, but only 11 that started decorating and in the end only 8 remained after the fun of licking off the frosting wore off. John didn't actually decorate, he sat at the table and as the kids finished putting on frosting and sprinkles he would take the cookie off the tray and lick off the good stuff. Then he would thoughtfully put the cookie back on the tray. I ran around throwing away cookies so no one would have to eat John's slime.

These are some of the kids eating lunch.

John eats like a dog right now...don't know how to stop that.

Here are some of the cookies.

I was horrible about taking pictures this week so I will again refer you to another blog site so you can see a little of the mess the kids made. Jan is the one who got me started with this whole blog thing so have fun checking out her site.

These last two picture were taken at our open house on Sunday. This is John's future wife Elizabeth. He already loves her!! I told Hans I didn't care how he made it happen, but I have to have the Meliuses as my son's in-laws.

Elizabeth wasn't too sure about this.

She is just the cutest little girl, but my picture does not do her justice so you will have to check out Jan's blog.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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JAN said...

I love it! I would love to be in laws with you any day!