Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Pirate Party

Anders turned the big 5 this October.  We usually do a big party with friends for the 5th birthday and Anders requested a pirate party.  I have a love/hate relationship with parties.  I love planning them, making crafts, researching and creating games, and making food.  I hate the chaos of the actual party. So usually I do all the planning and work beforehand and Hans entertains the kids at the party.  He's the fun one....story of my life.

 All the food had a pirate theme.

 We had several stations set up for the kids to visit.
This was Digging for Buried Treasure.
There was sand everywhere.  Actually, I'm still finding sand.

 They could also visit the Tattoo Parlor...complete with a grumpy tattoo artist.

 Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate

 Hans realized the kids could see through the mask, making the game too easy.  So he took his shirt and wrapped it around the kid's head.

 Some kids got wild and crazy and wanted to pin the eye patch on upside down.

 Then the kids thought it would be a good idea to make Hans play the game.  See?  He really is the fun one.

 Then Hans worked on his acting skills by reading a pirate book.  The kids loved all of his voices.  They were hanging on his every word.

 My little pirate was really enjoying himself.

 He's trying hard not to blow out the candle before the song is over.  He just wants to eat the frosting off of the cupcake...he can't wait!

The party ended with presents.  All the kids like watching the birthday boy open presents...it's actually pretty funny to watch.

So looks like a fun day...right?  That's what the pictures will tell you.  But it was loud and crazy and a couple of the kids kept telling me how much they didn't like my food.  And that is all fine and expected.  But my little introvert who often separates himself away from a loud bunch decided halfway through his party that he would rather play up in his room all by himself than be with this friends.  There were tears when we told him he had to play with his friends.  I was partied out.  Can you guess why I don't do "friend" parties every year?

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