Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hans' parents have a cabin on the Canadian side of Gunflint Lake. Hans spent his summers up there as a kid.  This summer Hans took John and Gus up there to spend some time with his parents.

 This is the view from the cabin.  Beautiful!

The boys checking things out.

 The boys went on hikes, took baths in the lake and showers in the falls, and put one foot in Canada and one foot in the U.S.

 When they weren't outside they were hanging out in the lovely cabin.

 They played checkers...

 ...and chess.  I wonder how many fights this caused.  Gus doesn't look too happy.  Or maybe that is his thinking face.  I can't tell the difference some times.

In the evenings they roasted marshmallows in the stove.
Fun times were had by all.
The boys had a great time telling me about their adventures.  They weren't sure about the outhouse...but I can't really blame them on that one.

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