Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Camp Pioneer

While the boys and I were in New York we went to the annual chicken dinner fundraiser for Camp Pioneer.  Every year people from area congregations come out for food and fellowship.  Along with the delicious dinner there are also tons of activities for the kids like a train ride, jumpies, and various other outdoor games.

I really should have taken a picture of the food.  It was fantastic.

 One of the activities they had was this jumpie-joust-wrestling thing.  John and Gus were both anxious to get in there and fight each other.

 Gus won this one.  But I have to say that John was an excellent big brother and let both of his brothers win every single time.

 Anders still talks about how he knocked John off of the podium.  This is probably a great stress reliever game.

 John badly wanted to fight Jimmy.  John fought pretty hard and was excited to win.

 I love swings like this.  It took a little practice to get the boys going on these.  But they really enjoyed them after they got the hang of it.

After swinging for a bit it started to pour.  We found some shelter and thought we would wait out the storm, but it just started raining harder.  We finally decided just to run out to the car.  We managed to get completely soaked.  The boys thought running in the rain was fun...once they were able to get warm.

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