Friday, June 13, 2014

Losing Adenoids and Gaining Tubes

John had surgery a couple of weeks ago to remove his adenoids and put some tubes in his ears.  Poor guy had 4 ear infections in 4 months.  We are hoping this does the trick.

 This is John right before they took him back.  He was a little nervous, but in good spirits.

This is John right after surgery.  This is the fun John.  We had fun asking him questions while he was still doped up.  Sadly, this stage didn't last very long.

We took him home that day and, while they told us he would nap on and off, John didn't close his eyes even once.  Such a rip-off!  But I can't complain.  He has had very little pain.  Just a little stiff neck.  I kept John home from school the next day, but I totally could have sent him.  

It was worth keeping him home to have his favorite teacher come to visit him.
Yep, Mrs. Sierzega, his first grade teacher, came to our house to see how John was doing.  I'm not sure John knew what to do with her here, he wasn't very talkative.  But he was very excited and still talks about  her coming to the house.  Such a lucky boy!

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