Wednesday, June 6, 2012


A bomb must have gone off while I was sleeping last night.
Keep in mind I am showing you the cleanest part of the room.

The boys have been down there "cleaning" for over an hour already.  Big trash bags will make an appearance tonight for anything not put away (the right way) by the time they go to bed.  Yep, I am a mean mom.  I think I could even be considered the meanest mom ever.  At least that is what John and Gus are saying.

11 hours until bedtime...think they will make it?


Virginia said...

My husband tried that with our daughter once when she was around three. She went in her room and put away a few of her favorite toys. She then went to the closet, got a garbage bag, and took it to her dad so he could get rid of the rest.

It was hilarious, but I hope your day goes better! BTW, loved the picture of your sleeping super hero - cutest picture ever.

Katie Fiene said...

Virginia, that is hilarious! I have to say they have a whopping 3 minutes until bedtime and it isn't even close to being clean. I'm not sure they thought about cleaning up their favorites first though.

If they thought I was mean today just wait for tomorrow!

And, sleeping super heroes are the best.